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  1. Integrated Multiprotocol Network Emulator/Simulator
    General purpose IP network emulation/simulation tool for FreeBSD and Linux

    We developed a realistic network topology emulation / simulation framework based on the FreeBSD and Linux operating system kernel partitioned into multiple lightweight virtual nodes, which can be interconnected via kernel-level links to form arbitrarily complex network topologies.

    Main advantages:

    Real time IP network topology emulation / simulation at Gigabit speeds
    100s to 1000s of virtual nodes on one physical machine, each node capable of running unmodified UNIX applications
    Scalable architecture for real-time large scale experiments
    GUI: management plane, automated node and link creation and configuration
    Lightweight, portable experiments which can be quickly and easily instantiated
    FreeBSD kernel-level network stack virtualization technology developed at the University of Zagreb
    Open source and free

    Current applications:

    General-purpose network testbed used for Ericsson Nikola Tesla product testing
    Realistic laboratory and learning environments used for teaching at the University of Zagreb

    Technologies used:

    jails, netgraph (FreeBSD)
    Docker, Open vSwitch (Linux)
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