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  1. This is a fully functional version of the Arduino. We eliminated the PCB and use paper and cardboard as support and the result is.. the PAPERduino :D
    Tags: , by davide (2018-06-20)
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  2. About S4A

    S4A is a Scratch modification that allows for simple programming of the Arduino open source hardware platform. It provides new blocks for managing sensors and actuators connected to Arduino. There is also a sensors report board similar to the PicoBoard one.

    The main aim of the project is attracting people to the programming world. The goal is also to provide a high level interface to Arduino programmers with functionalities such as interacting with a set of boards through user events.
    Tags: , by davide (2018-06-06)
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  3. Small and Fast Bootloader for Arduino and other Atmel AVR chips
    Tags: , by davide (2018-06-06)
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  4. -
    Tags: , , , by davide (2017-05-05)
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  5. openGLCD is an open source project for use in open source projects.

    openGLCD makes it easy to use Graphical LCDs (GLCD) with Arduino. The library supports several different Arduino platforms and is easy to integrate with different glcd panels. The configuration mechanism allows using a broad range of GLCD panels and Arduino controllers.
    Tags: , , , by davide (2016-12-29)
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  6. This is the RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors. It provides a complete object-oriented library for sending and receiving packetized messages via a variety of common data radios and other transports on a range of embedded microprocessors.

    The version of the package that this documentation refers to can be downloaded from http://www.airspayce.com/mikem/arduino/RadioHead/RadioHead-1.64.zip You can find the latest version at http://www.airspayce.com/mikem/arduino/RadioHead
    Tags: , , by davide (2016-12-28)
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  7. -
    Tags: , , by davide (2016-12-28)
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  8. -
    Tags: , , , , by davide (2016-11-06)
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  9. -
    Tags: , , , by davide (2016-09-30)
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